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Gazcon receives the Danish Gazelle Award

Click to view the Gazcon Gazelle award (PDF-file 99 KB)
For the 14th time Børsen, the leading trade & industry magazine in Denmark, has carried out a survey to identify the most successful companies in Denmark based on the highest growth rate - the socalled gazelles. A Gazelle award is the most prestigious financial growth hallmark in Denmark.

Gazcon is one of the fastest growing companies in Denmark
Gazcon is proud to announce that the company obtained an overall ranking as no. 58, which means that of all included companies in Denmark, Gazcon has the 58th highest growth rate! Within the Copenhagen region Gazcon came in as number 31. 

The strict requirements to become a Gazelle ensure that only companies with a sound growth for a minimum of four years become awarded. A growth rate of 690.2% qualified Gazcon for this award!

What is the definition of a Gazelle?
To become a Gazelle, you must not only qualify as a ‘growth company’; you must also meet the last demanding Gazelle requirement.
In total, 5,587 businesses in Denmark came out as ‘growth companies’, and another 2,475 businesses further qualified as Gazelle companies.

A growth company:
1) Must be a private limited company, i.e. an A/S or ApS company construction.
2) Has a turnover that exceeds 1 mill. DKK or a gross profit that exceeds ½ mill. DKK for each of the last four years.
3) Produce positive growth rates/gross profit in each of the preceding three years.
4) Must show that the sum of the last four years’ operating profit is positive.
A Gazelle company:
On top of the requirement for a growth company, a Gazelle must:
5) Have a growth in turnover/gross profit that exceeds 100% from the first to the last (the forth) annual report.

More info

Download List of 2008 Gazelles in Denmark (PDF-file 209 KB)
Download List of 2008 Gazelles in Denmark by alphabet (PDF-file 214 KB)
Download List of 2008 Gazelles in Region Copenhagen (PDF-file 65 KB)
Download Gazelle report 2008 (PDF-file 273 KB) In danish only
Donwload Gazcon's Gazelle certificate (PDF-file 99 KB)

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