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On-site oxygen generators for the ozone industry

Usages and applications

Ozone is used in many different applications:

• Pool & spa treatment
• Irrigation water treatment
• Odour elimination from air
• Food storage
• Drinking water treatment
• Industrial oxidation processes
• Bleaching processes

… to mention a few.

Gazcon offers you…

• Special OEM agreement
• Quality solution easily integrated into your ozone set-up
• Special designs to suit your ozone generator system
• Control solution easily integrated into your control system
• Special conditions for world market agreements possible
Ozone production

Ozone (O3) is basically oxygen (O2) with an extra molecule. It is highly reactive and has a higher level of energy than oxygen.

The ozone concentration depends - among other things - on the O2 content. O3 cannot be stored. Therefore, manufacturers of ozone generation systems often rely on costly supplies of bulk of cylinder oxygen.

But there is a cost-efficient alternative with the Gazcon range of on-site oxygen generators allowing a smooth integration of oxygen into your ozone generation set-up.

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