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On-site nitrogen generator solutions for the electronics industry

Soldering processes

Wave soldering
In wave soldering, the required purity is more important than in re works. In the wave soldering process, the mounted components are led through a series of zones adding flux, heat and wave of melted solder. Nitrogen is added in a closed, gas-tight tunnel system in the machine throughout the entire process.

Reflow soldering
Some soldering processes take place in a reflow-oven and nitrogen is added through the entire process. The process starts with pre-heating of the mounted circuit boards allowing water, flux activating additives etc. to be dried off the board. Next, a soldering paste, consisting of flux and corns of solder will melt and wet solder islands during the reflow phase. Finally, the soldering joints and parts cool. Nitrogen purity is less important compared to that of wave soldering.

Advantages of using nitrogen
Advantages when using nitrogen in your soldering process are many. Most importantly:
Circuit board Nitrogen for optimising soldering processes
Using nitrogen to inert the atmosphere during soldering processes has become a generally accepted practice in the electronic assembly industry. Regardless of whether the soldering process is wave, selective or reflow, nitrogen improves the process by enhancing the joint quality and minimising defects.

Industry trends  
General trends within the electronics industry favour smaller and more complex components, environmental issues, better quality etc. By soldering in oxygen free atmospheres, these new trends can be met.

· Less dross
· Fewer voids
· Better soldering quality
· Less errors
· Less use of flux
· Less or no after treatment
· Better wetting

Direct costs reduction: Solder, flux, working time, rework/error correction
Indirect cost reduction: Time to market, ability to adjust to customer specifications

Gazcon can supply on-site generators up to 10 ppm pure nitrogen!

Solution requirements depend on your soldering process and your required nitrogen purity and capacity. Inform us your specific requirements and we shall be pleased to find a cost-effective solution that matches your needs.

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