Gazcon nitrogen generator creates faster, better laser cutting for industry leader

E & J Nielsen is Denmark's leading sheet metal processing expert. Independence is important to them, so they chose an on-site nitrogen generator from Gazcon to create their own nitrogen for their laser cutting activities. The result? Faster, better laser cutting and greater independence – all with an investment that paid for itself in two years.

Leading sheet metal processing experts.

Originally founded in 1963, the Danish company E & J Nielsen A/S has focused its expertise on sheet metal processing over the last 15 years. The sheets may be steel, stainless steel or aluminium, but nobler metals such as copper and brass are also processed. Now, the company supplies all products and services required for sheet metal processing, including punching, cutting, bending, welding – and, very importantly, laser cutting.

Fully automatic processes.
E & J Nielsen are taking steps towards becoming fully automated within their specialist area. As a result, the company has an extensive array of advanced machinery – and it is important for the company to be able to control all processes themselves, with maximum independence from suppliers. This also holds true of their supplies of nitrogen, which is used in large quantities for laser cutting, one of E & J Nielsen’s key business areas.

Nitrogen is sent through the nozzle together with the laser beam, creating an oxygen-free, cool processing area. The result is a highly accurate cut: Variations are as low as +/- 0.1 mm, a very impressive result for the industry.

On-site Gazcon generator frees up resources
In laser cutting, nitrogen is used to ensure a very accurate cut and to prevent oxidisation. Now, E & J Nielsen creates their own nitrogen with a Gazcon solution: An on-site nitrogen generator which gives them complete freedom.

Says Henrik Larsen, responsible for production technology, ”Our fully automated Amada laser cutting machines work around the clock. Production is managed via computers and web cams, so smooth operation is essential.
Now, we know that we will never run out of nitrogen because we manufacture our own gas directly at the production line. We no longer spend resources on purchasing, storage management or logistics associated with nitrogen, and we never need to handle gas tanks.”

High demands for flow and purity
When E & J Nielsen searched for the right generator, they had two main focus areas: purity and capacity. They stipulated a purity of 99.9% and a flow of 50-55 m3/hour. Maximum uptime was also crucial. As the Gazcon generator was able to deliver up to 70 m3/hour at the required high purity, the choice was easy.

Better quality, higher speed
Henrik Larsen describes the outcome: ”The Gazcon generator has now worked around the clock for two years without any problems. It has fully met our expectations – in fact, it has exceeded them. When we chose Gazcon, we also chose a PSA-type generator, and at the time we didn't realise that PSA technology is more reliable and cheaper in operation than membrane solutions. The Gazcon generators have a lower initial investment price and require virtually no maintenance; according to our calculations it has already paid for itself. What is more, switching from membrane to PSA technology has brought us better, faster laser cutting as well.
Henrik Larsen, responsible for production technology; “Now, we know that we never will run out of nitrogen because we manufacture our own gas directly at the production line".

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