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On-site nitrogen generator solutions for the plastic industry

Overall, less plastic is used, which again leads to shorter cooling time. All this adds up to increased output and competitiveness for you. 
• Nitrogen improves the quality of the moulded plastic
• Less liquid plastic is needed
• The finished surfaces are smoother
• Lower consumption of moulding materials
• Shorter cooling time
Nitrogen and the plastic industry Injection moulding
Nitrogen is used forinjection mounding to improve the quality and the strength of moulded plastic product. Liquid plastic is injected into the mould, and as the molten material (polymers) starts to solidify, high-pressure gaseous nitrogen is introduced to push the plastic into every part of the mould, pressing it outwards from the inside. 
Using nitrogen in injection moulding enables you to reduce wall thickness. Also, the pressure of the nitrogen ensures an even surface without imperfections such as cracks or discoloration.

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