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On-site nitrogen generator solutions for the steel and metal industries

Using high-pressure nitrogen for laser cutting of steel and metal has many benefits over alternatives such as oxygen:

• Nitrogen protects the metal from corroding: no oxidation of the steel occurs. 
• No additional heat is generated.
• A high quality (clean-cut) edge is achieved.
• The clean cut makes it easy to weld and paint or powder-coat the metal. Paint will not fall off the edges.
The higher your demand for a high-quality clean cut is, the greater your need for nitrogen purity. Stainless steel requires a higher purity than ‘normal’ steel and metal.
Using nitrogen in brazing processes improves the quality of the steel or metal and minimises the risk of harmful fluxes.
The advantages of using nitrogen for welding processes include the fact that high-pressure nitrogen forces the metal and the mould to separate. Also, no oxidation of the steel occurs as the gas does not interact with the moulded metal.

Nitrogen and the steel and metal industries

The shielding and inert properties of nitrogen have proven ideal for the steel and metal industries. With a Gazcon generator, you get unlimited access to your own supply.

Laser cutting, welding and brazing
Nitrogen is widely used for laser cutting, welding and brazing purposes. 

In laser cutting the laser beam melts the material and high-pressure nitrogen forces the metal quickly to harden. As nitrogen has a shielding effect, the cutting area is protected against ‘bluing’ and oxidation.

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